agile night dances 
the tango in ether
under meteor lit skies
raining fire

anticipating shock
that never comes
holding breath
till blue to bone

awake, asleep
flickering screen
heavy lids
betray reality

that i cannot tell
puts me at ease
that it feels real
makes it so

my heart rises
with the dawn
scorched earth retreats
leaves fertile land

my heart rises
avert your gaze
it burns as hot as
a million meteor flares

~ Emily C.




the cinnamon sinks into steamed milk
outside the window, a bus stops
lets people on and off

the speaker is too loud
i can’t hear quiet poems
in my head

a woman hacks a dry cough
in the back corner
not far away enough

another, she laughs a cackle
behind my chair
this big room is too small

bulldozers take chunks of debris
that used to be trees,
another condo birthed

while I watch
southwesterly clouds migrate

my direction remains
still in a world

the cinnamon sunk
toes curl in carpet
voices crescendo

cough, laugh
the quiet poem squeaks

i can’t hear it
all I notice

is everything else

~ Emily C.



there in the waves of midnight:



drunk on dark
just out of reach, you carve
the heavy air,

beckoning me along
with sway of silent hand

deep into
heart’s ocean
— its exposed canyon
lit brilliant,
blooming with bioluminescence

painting the never

with the now


~ Emily C.


What Messages

what messages the sky writes,
how we often ignore,
how they linger up above,
how far — how far we blindly go

before we tilt up downcast chins,
only awaken in raining verse?
when everything else dissolves;
when nothingness — the only force.

adrift in blackened matter,
calligraphic tomes stars etch
in speckled comet tails, we sputter,
ashore, we run our forlorn hearts

when all space becomes horizon,
stories told fall to scattered dust,
as fire burns to moon sand
and oxygen breathed expires.

what message the sky writes,
how quickly we seek to forget?
how now to fall awake asleep,
oh how we dream until death.


~ Emily C.