Breathe Into Me

before you go
breathe into me
your love
one more time


~ by Emily Clapper



Sunspots & Coffee Stains

He walks in the cafe door
lets it close behind him
past the counter on the left
where she sits in tepid silence

dust-speckled saffron sunspots
and chocolate coffee stains
a cough, a dirty laugh, the sounds
of forks and half-empty glass

he cracks his uncracked book
crosses legs, reclines
she takes a thoughtless look
at menus sprawled before her

boots on the aged hardwood
brooms sweep cluttered crumbs
a haphazard breeze teases
the till slips open, jingles closed

he wandered in from afar
her meandering led her
each of them on a whim
or so they think


~ by Emily C.


Vibrate Time

Quarter past now,
a clock will chime,
telling us it is our time.

The faulty illusion of control,
dark hands point out the obvious
— nothing lasts, including us.

We cannot take it, all, anything with us,
so this very present moment we decide,
to save nothing — to savor our lives.

Quarter past passed,
the clock did chime,
we are still here, vibrating time.

~ by Emily Clapper