The reflection of you shimmers
in the beckoning azure of the sea,
rippling to random heights,
liquid blue crests sweeping.
Coming from far — leaving near.

The soul of you stretches
to deepness unseen,
reaches to lengths unknown
lifting to blinding horizons.
Its warmth palpable — shape shifting.

I shift with you in the shimmering azure
taken to the deepness unseen
to blinding horizons of lofty vastness,
fluid mountains in motion.
Leaving from far — coming near.

Our souls meet,
somewhere in the azure.
They know what we feel;
the horizons, mountains, and sea.
Our shape palpable — our warmth shifting.

~By Emily Clapper


9 thoughts on “Azure

    1. I love visceral reactions to writing…so glad to invoke that. Thank you.
      This one has a lot of intricate layers that are fun to wrap the mine around. The stanzas play off each other in a mirroring manner.

      Liked by 1 person

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