Sunspots & Coffee Stains

He walks in the cafe door
lets it close behind him
past the counter on the left
where she sits in tepid silence

dust-speckled saffron sunspots
and chocolate coffee stains
a cough, a dirty laugh, the sounds
of forks and half-empty glass

he cracks his uncracked book
crosses legs, reclines
she takes a thoughtless look
at menus sprawled before her

boots on the aged hardwood
brooms sweep cluttered crumbs
a haphazard breeze teases
the till slips open, jingles closed

he wandered in from afar
her meandering led her
each of them on a whim
or so they think


~ by Emily C.



7 thoughts on “Sunspots & Coffee Stains

  1. A fated encounter! Wonderful!
    But! let me talk about the real champion behind this piece and that is, once again, the subtle details…noise, smells, patterns, textures, gestures, voluntary and involuntary reactions to things.

    Absolutely BRILLIANT!

    Liked by 1 person

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