If you could know how I’m feeling right this moment….

How much higher is possible?

And only your words are touching me now…



~ by Emily Clapper



Every Star A Kiss

As if plucked from the heavens
delivered from downy clouds
set into my arms
laden with lavender

My heart inhales the scent
it beats it, breathes it, beats it
purple pounding passion
shirking webs of scars

Eyes begin to open
there is no more Earth
an absence of place, time
an otherworldly everything

Like discovering a new planet
no, a new universe
where every star a kiss
a word, a moment with you

“Every Star A Kiss” ~ AUDIO voice recording on Soundcloud

~ By Emily Clapper



the warmth of your embrace it seems
has left an indelible mark on me.
when time has passed and you’re not here,
your touch holds on in longer dreams.

the wetness of your kisses sends
a shiver down my spine to toes,
lingering in tingling prickles wend
their way to places unknown.

the softness of your skin near me
supple soothing silkiness of which
can calm the most jittery
wake up the senses to sheer bliss.

the nakedness lying here before,
inviting thoughts and deeds unsaid.
there for the taking, close the door,
close your eyes, open your hands

my lips are open, moist soft pink,
beckoning more, ready to kiss
leaning in, poised in synch,
there we go, hard to miss.

bodies collide in unison,
not a sound but breath alone.
the world around dissolves,
save maybe a few moans.

“Lips” ~ AUDIO voice recording on SoundCloud

~ By Emily Clapper



Solitary Trill

A solitary trill
through the gentle rain
so perfect almost unreal
window cracked
tune my curious ear
listening hard
to nature’s call
that punctuates
the soft sound
of clouds’ tears
releasing joy of spring
resonating henceforth
from that mystery bird
his message private
yet all have heard
his call to mate
to find his love
amongst the dew
of heaven above
landing here on earth
below in showers
that nourish Gaia’s soul
A solitary trill
through the gentle rain
so unreal with soul
that it steals my heart
and hearts of birds alike

“Solitary Trill” ~ AUDIO voice recording on SoundCloud


~ by Emily Clapper


Demons Playing With Angels ~ A Duet

NEW! Now posted with audio voice recording on Soundcloud!


For my first ever duet with Ax (persoinpoesia2015), we merged our mighty brains together over deliciously dangerous demons having fun with angels for an otherworldly collision, a spectacle of sin for the senses.  I am 2, 4, 6, and he is 1, 3, 5…and together we made a poem baby for you.  Thank you, Ax! A true pleasure.  Enjoy!




Sentries on the look, to count the others stock
By chance, to rest their wings, they met
On the side, which is dark, from eyes
Black looked at white, wide-eyed
White looked at black, come-back
Instant flame erupted
Glowing heart flooded
Love at first sight lusted
The first of many touches for each
Sending shivers, more blissful than heavens keep

Black scales brush white feathers aside
Revealing fleshed forms fevered inside
Hidden from view until horns drove
Through heavenly visages only seen from above
Until this celestial clash of earthborn and airborne
Sent depths to meet heights in passionate flight
Circling round midair acrobatics of explosive kinds
An angel submits to a demon’s designs
His rigid heat illuminates her more than agape pearly gates
Makes her shoot forth phantasmic orgasmic pulsars in spades

Silently wondered what it would be like to be taken
By the other side for a night, on a ride through a galaxy forsaken
A touch that will never heal, a scar left behind
Black on white, White on black, a circular rind
An ➰h, that rounds and crosses at the top
The symbol of a new world order
Where love extends beyond the cosmic reaches of heaven and hell
Found, demons playing with angels, hear the banging bells swell
Penetrating deep, breath escapes with sighs that cry
The vibe from their cores, unite in a magical high

A dozen demons for every lone angel longing, lingering
Amidst the dark matter in netherworlds ether swirling,
Dancing between the poles of morality, making good go bad
Anything but gradually, white becomes gray becomes obsidian
In a flash of febrile fornication that tempts the glowing halos hence
They fling away, their light sucked into black hole event horizons
Toward the singularity, sucked past the point of no return,
No longer lighting angels’ tainted crowns, white joins the burning
Black call to release their bonds to heaven’s laws of chastity
Demons heeding the desperate pleas of angels moaning clarity

White embraces the hold, the pull that tugs and draws
Falling into the hands of fate for the very first time
Always a follower, following the rules
Never a wanderer, wandering like fools
Stripping down to bare all, unleashing the purity given from god
Giving of soul, heart and mind for the taste of the other side
A moment of bliss from the first kiss to the last
Unrelenting passion that sparks a blast
Lightning and thunder collide
Dark and light, ignite

A mesmerizing mix of marbled yin yang yielding
To explosive displays of lust in full motion sending
Sparkling black glittery fire through cosmos beyond
The heavens higher than biblical stories told in the fold
Of books that man can only hold, without consciousness
Of the presence of demons, of angels amongst us
Dancing together surging in bliss, never meant to consort
But destined to exist in delectable sin that seduces the dark
Hearts of demons, the pure hearts of angels, tempted forever
To cross that line, finding each other to taunt God as lovers…


~ by Em & Ax