a gaze across the room draws me in
to eyes locked in unison
words not said for ears to hear
uttered through thoughts held near

when what has been said has been said enough
only then can one feel new words through touch
a caress of love that reaches unknown
places where sparks of fire are blown

head to toes and all between
body reacts to that unseen
and takes the moment that stirs
reaction to love in all its mirth

~ by Emily Clapper



13 thoughts on “Gaze

      1. No, absolutely, it’s not. It’s a beautiful poetic euphemism for how a soul can suddenly, unexpectedly find itself in freefall alongside that of another it never even knew before. And does it sound like this?: Watch “Rafael Anton Irisarri – Her Rituals” on YouTube

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      2. Yes, but it’s all a ruse, they always fail, the parachutes are props, figments of our imagination and our fixation on the falsehood that we have any say in the matter at all.


      3. Fundamentally true. At best, we are vessels being sailed by those cosmic forces we attempt to deny through the figments. At worst, well, at worst, it’s all entirely random and accidental, but control is still an illusion…so perhaps there is no real difference?

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