day shines

therein lies the unknown
petals yawning, stems askew
reaching for life-giving force
taking, storing, burning

dark comes

gaping mouths close
gnawing in black silence
mascerating the day’s bounty
leaving nothing to waste

quiet blankets

night-dwellers awake
walk their well-beaten paths
unseen by most, forgotten by all
they are always there

cold surrounds

hair stands on end
we are closer to the stars
earth breathes underfoot
subtle, gentle, revolution

day shines


~ by Emily Clapper



9 thoughts on “Revolution

      1. Yes! And when we are no longer children and realise that the Earth has no ‘top’ or ‘bottom’ and is just a miraculous atom drifting in an unthinkable sea of all directions, then those cool things grown even more profound, more essential

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