Could Have Been

What you could have been
Is so much more than
An empty visceral vessel
To hold lost dreams and wishes

What I could have been
Is beyond the limits lore
Of tales yet to be told
In futures to behold

What we could have been
Is less than we want to be
A part of more than us
And all we thought we were

~ by Emily C.



8 thoughts on “Could Have Been

  1. Ah, my, yes, that sumptuous, frustrating, coherent incoherence of who we are, what we want to be and what may already be inevitable, if only we could foresee. Wonderful. And a perfect rhythm, too.

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      1. That’s a lovely and powerful thought. I see and feel your words almost as if I had written them, for some reason, which makes it easier to respond to them ‘poetically’, in turn.

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      2. Quite the compliment that my words resonate so thoroughly with you. Ideally, that’s what I hope for everyone to experience. I have a couple ideas for collaborating down the line that could be fun…

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  2. Oh and I have to leave you here for now! but what a heatbreaking piece to leave on!
    I’ll have to hurry back as soon as I can!

    They’ve been wonderful Emily! It’s been a pleasure reading you!

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