Light Me Up

Light me up

lay me down

Tie me up

take me down

Hold me up

hold me down

Send me up

bring me down

Fill me up

keep me down

Light me up

love me now


~ by Emily Clapper




4 thoughts on “Light Me Up

      1. So!!! How about I write some music based off what you’ve written so far. I’ll even record vocals…at least the way I think it should sound. I’ll post it to my Soundcloud account (you are following me on Soundcloud) and we can go from there. Deal?

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      2. Caught me a bit off guard! Gonna have to ponder it. If you want to play around with Light Me Up, that’s fine…would be curious to hear your take. From there, would need to be case by case, but no promises. 🙂 I’m sure I could write some lyrics if I put my brain to it, I am a musician myself…

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