An apparition wandering
you appeared in my world
dancing delicately on the line
between seen and unseen
you tickled my tastebuds
with tender tormented truths
sauntering through my conscience
searing words into the mold
of my mind that goes boldly
to places of fantastic design
ideas that send my heart racing
to find dark places to hide
only to find there are none…
just places left entirely exposed
where I hold my throbbing heart
in my hands that tremble
with feelings that send
my juices flowing swiftly
out of conscious control beyond
my reach to lofty heights
where only you can be
waiting like an ethereal wisp
I find you there sending
gusts of lust leaving
a tease that stimulates me
through layers of cosmos
only to dip into dark
then light, then dark, repeat…
sleep evades time and again
I await knowing you will
slip into this realm once more
where you will find me
desirously tortured, tormented
delicately dancing on that
climactic line…
waiting for

~ by Emily Clapper


“Apparition” ~ AUDIO voice recording on Soundcloud!



9 thoughts on “Apparition

    1. Thanks, A. 🙂 This one was a tough one…some feelings in my head are hard to put to words, I wrestled here, but it turned out better than I imagined it could…I’m sure you know the feeling…

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