An Ode to Fuck





(photo of me, belongs to me, please ask for permission to use, thanks.)

A peek into my mind of 7 years ago…It’s fair to say that while my poetry is much deeper these days, not much has changed…


fuck me with intention
fuck me with conviction
fuck me with passion
fuck me with ambition
fuck me on a whim
fuck me skin to skin
fuck me deep inside
fuck me, I won’t hide
fuck me ’cause you love me
fuck me ’cause you want me
fuck me ’cause you crave me
fuck me ’cause you need me
fuck me ’till I scream for more
fuck me ’till I scream your name
fuck me as I dream your face
fuck me as I dream for more
fuck me upside down
fuck me twisted up
fuck me legs spread wide
fuck me eye to eye
fuck me lips on lips
fuck me with a whip
fuck me with your hand
fuck me with your tongue
fuck me with no limits
fuck me as you want me
fuck me day and night
fuck me twice or thrice
fuck me hard and plenty
fuck me while you bend me
fuck me wet and slippery
fuck me erect and nipply
fuck me pinned down
fuck me hung up
fuck me all tied up
fuck me I’ll go down
fuck me now already
fuck me I’ve been waiting
fuck me through the night
fuck me through the morning
fuck me time’s a wasting
fuck me hot and thrusting
fuck me in or out doors
fuck me, I’m all yours.

~ by Emily Clapper

“An Ode To Fuck” ~ AUDIO voice recording on Soundcloud!


55 thoughts on “An Ode to Fuck

      1. Love it! Well, please scroll through and enjoy more of my recent poetry, too! (And, I’m on my way toward being an old gal with a bad mouth, too…although, really, ‘bad’ is relative, no?)

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    1. Hello and welcome! And thank you so much! I think I discovered you, then you discovered me, but here we are either way. 😉 Lots of tasty bits here for you to read, hope you enjoy! I’ve seen some of yours and am quite impressed also. 😍

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Have at it! That’s what it’s here for. 😊 And thanks, I’m glad you like it. If it’s easier, there’s a category drop down box on my main page for ease of perusing.

        Liked by 1 person

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