500 & 50 in 3.5

500 likes, 50 followers in 3.5 weeks.  Mind-blowing reception to this realm of communication. I want to thank you for welcoming me in, taking my words like treasure, reflecting back your thoughts, embracing this once-closet poet into your worlds with warmth, understanding, encouragement, and a healing hug.  I had no idea when I decided to post my poetry here that I could possibly make friends of any kind, that anyone would even notice me here, that it would be anything other than a repository of my innermost cognitive workings.

And look what I found: you, here, waiting for me.

You are all so incredibly inspiring with your spirit, your art, and love.

I can hardly imagine what the next weeks have lying in wait for me here, with you.

Deepest, humblest gratitude.



~ Emily Clapper



12 thoughts on “500 & 50 in 3.5

  1. Off to a brilliant start, Em. Congratulations! The wonderful WP community is very inspiring, I find. Your writing is stunning and I’m happy it’s getting the attention it deserves. Here’s to many more likes and follows 🙂

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