Find Me In The Social Ether

Just a quick note to say if you are on Facebook, you can find my poetry page and give it a like by going to this link:

Poet Girl Em on Facebook

And for you who also dabble on Instagram, you can find me there as:   @poetgirlem

You can go to my playlist of recorded poetry in my very own voice at Soundcloud.

Your likes help spread my words out into the inter-ether!

And as always, so touched by the reception here in the 6 weeks since I ventured to risk exposing my inner brain workings and my art to this world. Never in a million years expected this response. Thought it would just be a place to store my poetry. Surprise surprise…there were people here waiting. 🙂

Thank you does not seem like enough for the love you have shown. So impressed by all of your magic as well, and as I continue to get used to how this all works, I will be stopping by your pages for some mind-blowing adventures from time to time.


Namaste, friends.



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