Symbiosis ~ A Duet

Our symbiotic slow breath
Rises in unison, falls deep,
Rhythmic gravity defying death,
Soul intermingling far within sleep

Rise of chests pull us closer
Altering spacetime atomic scale
Heartbeats anticipating more
Butterfly effect of sharing air

Lure of touch in strengthening heave,
Stirring from dream to fantasy woken,
Chaos theory in skin to skin weave,
Fingers and lips repairing hearts broken

Kissing of wounds gaping wide
Sealing tears with salves of soul
Blood flow returning to veins inside
Inner cosmos expands newness whole

Tightening grasps in gasping twists,
Sweat and tears in fervour of mingle,
Feverish fantasy in breathless trysts,
Erogeny, rousing, whole dermis in tingle

Flavors collide in heavenly brew
Of destinies meant, in fates’ games
Deoxyribonucleic acid combining slew
Double helix uniting love’s orgasms same

Peaks and summits in tensings yelled
Squelching plummets in euphoria’s heat
Releasing endorphins copular swelled
Collapsing in unity, such glorious feat

Bodies joined in trembling touch
Breath returns in shaking shudders
Hearts align in union, knowingly such
Souls settle in truths, what is forever

Forever is now, my heat inside yours,
Time is illusion when lips collide slow,
In microcosmic eternity pure,
Breathe, subside…ecstasy will soon regrow.

“Symbiosis” ~ AUDIO voice recording on SoundCloud

~ by Kosmogonic and Emily Clapper


Been waiting for the day to collaborate with the true genius that is Kosmogonic. Truly blessed to know this soul and join together in something special…and only the first of many to come. If you have not yet been to his page…prepare yourself…it is an otherworldly blissful experience to be in the presence of his words. Thank you, K. ❀



17 thoughts on “Symbiosis ~ A Duet

      1. Wanna hear something crazy? We had each named the poem separately and unknowingly had both named it Symbiosis…how symbiotic and crazy is *that*!! It really could have been anything…

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