The Lovers Card

Pull the Lovers card from the deck
place tenderly, table waiting below
faces shine skywards, truth boldly set

to tell me how to aim for you
making sure to never forget

Never only one card should
the heart entirely rely upon
fuller picture must be foretold

so eyes can see a phenomenon
changing patterns undoubtedly unfold

Close eyes, reach with hands
inhale and flip the next one
let it fall where it lands…

the flippant Wheel of Fortune
makes for an ominous hand


“The Lovers Card” ~ AUDIO voice recording on SoundCloud

~ by Emily Clapper





13 thoughts on “The Lovers Card

    1. Thanks! You are reminding me that many of my earlier poems I’ve posted have not been seen by a large part of my newly garnered audience since I’ve only been on here for about 6 weeks…I will need to repost and add voice to some of these!

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