Red Suede Shoes

Nine hours roaming
The streets of New York
Red suede shoes
You throb with my heart
Beating in time to life,
A life being lived, traversed
Over miles of streets graffitied
With stories and names,
Lifetimes and ‘hood fame
Scrub it and this city would
not be the same.
A day at Guggenheim
Swirling the stairs
Walking Park Avenue
Money and stares
Through Little Italy, SoHo,
And Greenwich Village, too
Nothing escaped the pounding of you
Steak dinner at Del Frisco’s to
The Top of the Rock
Rockefeller Center, NBC, ice rink
Radio City Music Hall
And new French tourist girlfriends
Alone but surrounded by millions
A night at The Met Opera
Madama Butterfly
The beauty beheld
In moments of splendor
Too rich to retell
Worth the pain
But won’t complain
About how lucky, indeed
How lucky I am..

But back to tennis shoes

Come the morning


~ By Emily C., 4.13.16

(Yes, those are indeed my legs and throbbing feet.)


6 thoughts on “Red Suede Shoes

    1. Thanks, and yes…worth it. They are actually quite cushy for heels, but alas, even they were no match for the amount of walking I was doing in NY! And that’s including using the subways! Huge city. Huge.

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      1. Right! But when a girl’s gotta rock it in red shoes, a girls’ gotta rock it in red shoes! I can’t imagine how big it seems. I was only there once in the middle of the night to pick up my sister from Port Authority. Drove in from Binghamton with my brother and other sister, wasted, exhausted. I only remember I didn’t want to drive!

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      2. Nooo…no driving in NY. Craziness! Subways and walking are so much better! The subways shrink the feeling of the size of the city because in 15-30 minutes you can be anywhere.

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