New York ~ Day Four

New York ~ Day Four, 4.12.16

1:45AM.  The reader should know that I am writing at the end of very lengthy and exhausting days and as such, the fact that I can type anything legible, comprehensible, or in any way entertaining is essentially more than a minor miracle.

My plan to dominate the New York restaurant scene and gain twenty pounds while I’m here seems to be moving along swimmingly. It’s okay. It’s all temporary. It will melt away upon resuming normal exercise regimen (wishful thinking, perhaps). For now, it’s go big or go the ‘eff home. Since I’m not scheduled to depart until Sunday evening, it seems I’ll continue to go big. And today was not different.

Scoured the streets for breakfast, finding a whole in the wall Korean breakfast/tea cafe called Round K. Super charming, had a buttery croissant with espresso-machine scrambled eggs (don’t ask me how he did it) with melted brie and avocado, a side of yogurt with berries, a latte with beautiful crafted foam art in a tea cup, and a rolled cake with orange marmalade and strawberries to finish. I could easily see that as a regular stop if I lived here. Good thing I don’t.

Didn’t waste time today. Wanted to make my way to the Guggenheim, but wanted to kill a few birds with one stone, so I decided to take the long way and wander west from The Bowery House through Little Italy, then SoHo where I unknowingly stopped in (this is just how I roll…good instinct I guess) at the home of the now-trademarked Cronut (which they were out of) and other blissful goodies, Dominique Ansel Bakery. I grabbed a couple of treats, and continued up through Greenwich, finding the apartment my Great-great Aunt Olga lived in in the ‘80s while she worked for Time Magazine. My only blood connection to this city, but at least it’s a little something.

Meandering through Greenwich, I stop in a coffee shop for a chai, and then off to the subway to Guggenheim. Really enjoyed the exhibit they had there, too tired to describe it tonight, but charming, funny, thought-provoking, evocative, and overall creative quirkiness put to artistic brilliance.

On the way out, a couple of women stopped to admire my rainbow bangs, which I only just did before this trip for fun, after a long hiatus without. One of the women stopped me to get selfies with me due to her utter amazement, saying she was “totally going to have” her hair stylist do that to her hair.

Steps away from Park Avenue, and I’M the one getting stopped for selfies. I suppose I am a rarity here, that way.  I do notice I am a roaming ray of light and color in comparison to the excessive amount of oh-so-serious black that seems to have overtaken Gotham City. Particularly evident on the subway tonight. Is this what NYC does to people? Suck out their color? But, given the number of people who have admired my hair, and tonight, my red suede shoes which also garnered random compliments from people in a sea of people (flattered considering New Yorkers rarely stop for anybody), I think at the very least, I inspire life lived in color.

At the end of Guggenheim, I did a masterful quick change in a tiny and odd-shaped Frank Lloyd Wright bathroom, having brought my opera clothes and red shoes in my bag with me. Having not had a chance to paint my fingernails before I left Seattle, I took 10 minutes, sat on a Central Park bench in my freshly adorned opera clothes and painted my nails in the warm sunshine…the people walking by staring at me. I really didn’t care. A girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do, especially when traveling…it’s all about efficiency and maximizing time.

From there to Times Square to find my steak house of choice for dinner. Upon multiple recommendations, I went to Del Frisco’s. A splurge. Very good, and steps from Rockefeller Center. The bill was steep, but the steak was worth it. The best I’ve had? Probably not. Seattle has The Metropolitan Grill which has consistently won that part of my heart, but it was pretty good.  Again, a beacon of color and light in an otherwise gray-suited business and male dominated environment. Yes, I was gawked at. I don’t sense it as much in Seattle, there are many colorful people there. But, I clearly stand out here, for better or worse.

Post-meat gorging, I attempted to take in the nearby sights, swinging through Rockefeller Center, and deciding, as I do, to last minute, with only an hour to get myself up to the opera house, to take the tour to the Top of the Rock for the best view of the city. Worth it, but exhausted. By this time, I was wishing I could cut off my aching feet, hardly able to bear any weight on them. But, this was my chance, and I knew, and took it.

Found my way to the subway, jumped on at the last second, and made it just barely into my seat at the Metropolitan Opera for Madama Butterly. Well, with one slight glitch…somehow there was no record of me buying a ticket. Thank goodness they had one, and it was a better seat for slightly cheaper. Score. Opera was poignant, relevant to me in ways, and stunningly beautiful in its simplicity and clean lines. I’ll never forget that experience.

Limped my way back to the subway, got cat-called at for the first time in NY.

Tomorrow morning is probably the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, followed by a boat ride to The Stature of Liberty, and if I get my way, my first jazz club in NY, the Village Vanguard for the Scott Colley Quartet.  My jazz piano side needs its fill.

After that, the big stuff that is left is Empire State Building, Chelsea Market and Highline, Brooklyn, American Museum of Natural History, and all the other foodie bucket lists I need to check off.

Killing it here. On fire. Exhausted. Grateful. Invigorated. In love.

Too tired to post a lot of pics tonight, stay tuned for updated post tomorrow.

Love from New York.



4 thoughts on “New York ~ Day Four

  1. Loving reading your updates and living vicariously through you! I went to the 9/11 memorial in December but had the kids with me. What an experience.

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