New York ~ Day Six (4.14.16)

New York ~ Day Six

12:30AM.  I have finished this day, another one for the record books, with my first pizza at the first pizzeria in America, Lombardi’s in Nolita, only a few blocks from where I’m staying.  I made it there after a long unpredictable and crazy day.  I think that’s just what this place is, so I never expect to write anything otherwise.

Breakfast was at Grey Dog, a cute, rustic eatery near my place that I’ve passed several times, and finally went in after my original destination fell through. It was really awesome, and fast, and I could eat there every day and be happy. The thing about NY is that there is no way humanly possible to get to everything you want to try. I mean, I think it’s tough in Seattle…well, the metropolis there is maybe about 3 million, Seattle proper being about 600K. In NY, 8.5 million. Endless options…it’s a miracle I can decide on anything, really.

From there, met my friend David for the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, a first for both of us, even though he’s lived here cumulatively for about 5 years. I think it was worth the trip. Although, I got much more out of Ellis Island due to the history lesson it affords. Great appreciation for the immigrants who made their treacherous journey to the new world…some even getting turned back after failing medical examinations. Can you imagine? The stories are harrowing. The history felt real. And Ellis Island is so much more vast that I thought. The main building is very large, ornate and if you tune out the tourists and displays, you can sense what it must have been like when it was being used for its original purpose. Also, I learned that both Liberty and Ellis Island are within New Jersey state lines. So, now I can say I’ve been to Jersey.

From there, we had a meet up at The Dead Rabbit with one of David’s friends for drinks and food, in the heart of Wall Street. And thus, many men, many suits, many people either attracted to or perplexed by my hair again. Or me, in my yoga pants and running shoes amongst the hip, hook-up or after work crowd.  Getting checked out for better or worse…probably because I didn’t look like I came from Wall Street. But, at this age, I’ll take any of it as a compliment.

In NY, just like food, there are overwhelming people options. And so, there seems to be little incentive to commit to people as there are 8.5 million people in the pool to choose from, there will always be someone else, people are expendable, no one is sacred. Maybe I’m off base, but I imagine anyone seeking a long-term relationship here is in for a tough struggle. Maybe it makes more sense not to.

From there, I went back to the 9/11 Museum, only to discover they had closed for the night. Gah. Second fail. Thinking quick on my feet, I realized I could make tonight my Empire State Building night. And so a rapid change of plans, flexibility, quick thinking and going with the flow, I hopped on the subway and made it up to Empire, which was lit orange and blue. Too long of a wait to get into an elevator to the top, but so worth the wait. Spectacular view. FaceTimed with my boys, took many pics and headed down, realizing I had just enough time for Lombardi’s.

A lot of goodness. Despite utter exhaustion, sore, swollen, and blistered feet, pretty much rocking it getting things done, yet still don’t feel like I have luxury time left.  And no trip to DC, just no way to make that happen on this round. Will have to make a separate journey for that, let’s hope the right President is in office when I get to visit.

Drifting away somewhat early tonight, for tomorrow brings another onslaught of all out-ness, of which I will partake in with gusto.

What other way is there to live life?


Can you spy The Statue of Liberty?



9 thoughts on “New York ~ Day Six (4.14.16)

    1. I wish you were, too! I have no doubt you would be an awesome travel companion! Start on my last full day, jam-packed as usual. Taking all opportunities in front of me. First stop after breakfast…Brooklyn to meet up with a friend who wants to do something crazier with my hair. 😉 Like I said, it is a say “yes” to everything offered trip!! So exciting. 🙏🏼💜😘☀️

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  1. Oh Em, I agree with Antony. You would be so damned much fun to travel with. I think we all need to sign up for ‘See The World Thorough The Eyes of Emily’ tours.

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      1. I’m so glad. I really enjoy writing, and it’s been too long. My dream of being a photojournalist is very real, and this trip has fertilized it thoroughly. Posting Day Seven now, will add pictures to it after. 🙂 ❤

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