New York ~ Epilogue #1

New York ~ Epilogue #1

11:57AM. Seattle time. I arrived home late last night, battered, bruised, blistered, but happy. I immediately put a load of dirty clothes in the wash so I’d actually have something to wear today, hopped in the shower, washed the layers of NY off of me, shaved, then trimmed my nails, fingers and toes, which had been neglected for too long during the week. I popped 4 blisters on my feet, wrapped toes in Neosporin and bandaids. I’m likely losing my right pinky toe. I had suspected. No big deal. I’ve lost at least 5 at various times after running marathons. They grow back. Just uncomfortable for now.  And that is the marker for just how much I was on my feet, hours upon hours. All of that, and my feet could have been much worse had I not just bought my new Hoka One One shoes with extra cushion. There’s no way I could have made it in my standard running or trail running shoes which are considerably stiffer. Smart girl.

So, today, it’s getting back to normal day.  Grateful for a family and friends who understand my need for wanderlust, it is strong. As I’ve said before, I could easily see myself doing this for a living, but I don’t even know where I’d start, or how to make it professional. A dream for now.

I have lots of catch up to do.  Lots of calories to burn off. But, will be putting my feet up with some ice packs, since I still can’t bend my toes, that’s how swollen they are.  I can’t wait to get back to poetry, writing, playing piano, harmonium, cooking, enjoying the heat wave we are having here in Seattle. And did I say burning off the calories? Once my feet heal, I’m going to get back to running. In the meantime, swimming as much as possible, and gradually adding weights back in. Game on.  Today though, yoga. All yoga. That’s the most needed thing for this beat up body.

As I mentioned, I found some artful cards on my last day in NY yesterday, and a couple of necklaces from the artisans at the weekend NoLita market. Small things that encapsulate my experience.

New York will forever be buzzing, living, breathing, ever-changing, just like me. I can’t wait for the next time.



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