The Music Bleeds

Surreal sounds penetrate my eager ears
Strings and chords in waving schemes
Scores unnamed in orchestral crescendoes
Soaring within my sore soul’s spirit, a sheen

Beats begin to pulse in time to notes marked
By dots and lines, the mind’s eye designs
Beautiful asynchronous synchronicities
Behold the slow fade to simple sounds serene

Heart responds with a rise, a fall, a swoon, a tear
Heaving heaviness, head in hands, holding on
Hard to grasp, slipping fast, into oblivion of
History in memories, of words promised me

Letting the music speak to me, my brokenness
Loathe to believe, yet running to truth, naked, whole
Life shown bare before all the eyes of the world
Lifting shattered self to the light the music bleeds

— And I…


~ By Emily Clapper, 4.18.16


6 thoughts on “The Music Bleeds

    1. Thanks so much, Eric. Music is powerful. And poetry is found to affect the same area of the brain as music does…which is why it can equally affect us so. 🙏🏼💜🎼🎹


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