Restless sleep
slick with sweat
tossing turning
dripping wet
peel back sheets
stir awake
unsure of what
ideas to make,
nocturnal stories
in my mind
trying to reconcile
what’s lost to time,
you, there…
the face I want
to forget forever
perched to haunt
as if scars healed,
nothing changed,
but nothing feels
at all the same
except you there,
me crouched low
by pond’s edge
finding koi below
swirling in dark
water, drawing smile
upon my heart
yet knowing I can’t
forgive you now,
or ever, the truth
is hard to accept
my subconscious
protests my waking
brain that knows
better to refrain

from visiting
koi ponds
in the rain


“Koi” ~ AUDIO voice recording on SoundCloud

~ by Emily Clapper





6 thoughts on “Koi

  1. This is us gracefully sharp and tearful. I’d love to see you experiment further still with your poetry. The power of juxtaposition, or metaphysical revolt, say. Koi amongst the Magellanic Cloud, or the smile on your face being drawn by careful Raven talons scratching creatures from the Earth.

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