This Is Me

This is me. This was a couple years ago during one of the hardest times of my life, shortly after New Years on my favorite island in the San Juans. This was me reaching to the universe.

I’ve not spoken about the last couple months here in this blog…but it’s been rough. Between injury (fell down my front steps, tearing my glute and injuring tailbone), illness, family crises (regarding my brother), and eating myself through NY last week (oh, that I needed and deserved after all of the other crap), I am now raising my arms to the universe again and pulling myself back up for my next comeback. As a personal trainer and yoga instructor who needs to move, being taken down by so much and not having a physical outlet for stress…it’s been a truly depressing nightmare, to say the least. I always face things head on, and always, always fight back, however long it may take.

Being physically and emotionally incapacitated by everything happening at once, I poured myself into my poetry these last couple months as therapy, and so thankful I did. Again, not expecting anyone to be here visiting, let alone the overwhelming response, just a place to store my words.

And now, just a couple follows shy of 100 in exactly 2 months active as of tomorrow. Crazy.

But most importantly…you. The friends I’ve made in this short but beautiful time.

You didn’t know what I’ve been going through, and you didn’t know you were helping me survive.

Deepest gratitude from the bottom of my incessantly poetic heart.

Love always, Β Em



27 thoughts on “This Is Me

  1. *hugs*, Em. I’m so glad that your blogging helped you cope with everything. I am glad we met and am always happy to read your work. ❀

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    1. Thanks, Vic! Likewise, so happy to meet you. Still looking forward to more collaboration when the time presents itself! Your support has meant the world. ❀


      1. Yes, Olaf is right. I am a wanderer and right now I am located in Austria (Europe). Have lived a while on the West Coast too, love the life style over there.
        I am looking forward to read and see more of your soul. Thanks for sharing.

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      2. I am a wanderer, too, but live in Seattle. But, wanderlust keeps me searching for new places to explore. I’ve not been to Austria yet, although it’s on my list. I’ve been to Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium, and The Netherlands, many years ago. Time to go back. What’s your country of origin?

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      3. I am German. Actually East German. Born in the Eastern part of Berlin before the wall came down and my journey started with that. I have been moving a lot across Europe and once to Vancouver for a couple of years. I miss it a lot, but life with kids made it easy to decide to move to a more affordable place. I would be happy to welcome you to Austria. So if you plan a trip let me know. Are you Seattle born? Or just by choice?
        Good talking to you!

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      4. Yes, Seattle born and raised. Very thankful for that, too. But, have travelled extensively and look forward to more in the future. And wow, quite the life experience you must have had growing up there during that time. Yes, kids do change how we make decisions, for sure. I’ll let you know if I end up in your territory! I don’t speak German, although I studied 3 years advanced Latin, and 1 year of Swedish which is germanic, so I could potentially try and pick German words apart. Or I can just point to the menus. πŸ˜‰

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      5. Laugh, yes pointing works everywhere, but German is not necessary mostly you can just talk English. It seems you have a talent for languages so it might be easy for you to pick up the basics. Latin should make life much easier in Italy. Definitely let me know when you arrive on the continent. πŸ™‚

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  2. You have amazing strength and fortitude and I applaud you for in your dark moments searching within to find something new to express yourself through. Keep up the good work. Like your poems you are a work of art and inspiring to many here .

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  3. So grateful to be along on your journey. You heal us too, Em! With your magnificent words and exuberant spirit. I am in awe of life’s consistent maneuvering to bring together those spirits who fortify mine ❀️❀️❀️

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