Only The Rain

Only the rain can delicately dance
without a care of its advance
ears tuned, the rain speaks
with humankind

Coming-to consciousness
the patter of precipitation
gentle cleansing
of mind

Awaken to droplets descent
trickle of moisture meant
to nourish Gaia green
my petals wide

There is peace in the pounding
heavens above crying
a knowing release
tender time

To embrace my entire entity whole
one who has been discarded
left longing and stripped
bare of hide

Those who leave do not deserve
what they would have if
they chose to stay…

my heart kind



~ by Emily Clapper



11 thoughts on “Only The Rain

      1. I love your subtle erotic poetry – do a great job. Then you write something like this. It’s complete mental stimulation – a turn on. It’s rare that a poet or a writer can do that for me.

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      2. Truly wonderful feedback. Touched.
        I wish I could take credit for my brain, but it just does what it does, whether I think I have control or not. So to compliment my writing is to directly compliment me. Which is why I get squirmy and blush sometimes. Which is good for me to feel as I struggle to accept praise sometimes…
        Thanks for the practice in taking it. πŸ˜‰πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’œ

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      3. Your writing is a reflection of you. So yes as I read more of your work I am digging you essentially. I will think of your words in the shower. Welcome 😊

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    1. I will add that it is humankind who can be cruel, but we are part of nature, no? And so perhaps a never ending circular conflict between us and the source of our creation?


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