Milk Me

Buds near bursting
sun heats our glossy emerald blades
our mosaic-veined leaves launching
off petioles toward light aimed

we lie in plush pastures dampened
by morning dots of dewy kisses
morphing overnight ‘fore dawn
from atmospherically charged changes

you envelop me in sweetened scents
your natural divine pheromones
that drunken me into stupored bents
of drugged and sordid hormones

my creamy flushed and flourished
mound of magnetic mauve
soon-to-be deliciously deflowered
your stamen setting out to stave

milk me in magic moments
let it drip long down my restless legs
drawing out more moisture meant
most definitely for Beltane enjoyment

our cries awaken flowers here
send them emerging henceforth
from dark, damp wombs of winter
our spring fertilizing equinox rebirth


~ by Emily Clapper


“Milk Me” ~ AUDIO voice recording on Soundcloud!


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