Red Corset


(*Yes, that is me in this picture. Please ask for permission before use. Thanks!)

She lies there in red corset tightened
with black lace crisscross down her back
fishnets the length of legs defined in lines
wondering where her love went this time
waiting for his hand to slide down her skin
tug the end of string and pull her open…
slip his other hand down her panties
part her cheeks and guide it inside
take a nipple, gentle twist, a playful pull
she arches her vertebrae out of control
throws her chest to the starry night sky
heaving breaths from burgeoning breast
viscous fluid verging on gushing release
nothing panties and fishnets could keep
off goes the corset, cleared of all constraint
she feels his manhood against her strained
plunging now into her mound, she swoons
out of control, left to animalistic designs
his breath hot in her ear, whispering…

with each pulse, “I…love…you.”

just as she drifts away to sleep

what does she feel…

but fingers creep


~ by Emily Clapper


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