Bluish Hues

Bluish hues buttress the bluff
straight shot down nothing to stop
me from falling to drown
in roiling foam beating the rocks

lying supine along my spine
toes dangle in danger across the line
gazing above, the universe hangs
like a blanket of glitter, waving spacetime

the sun has set, the wind begins
to send gusts across goose pimpled skin
one sudden move and all this is gone
the edge of choice, existence is mine

I let the leaves blow off the edge
the dirt and bits of refuse left
by others who have come and gone
floating to gravity’s heavy pull zone

like a black hole event horizon
nearing the point of no return
sucking in toward the singularity
where mass combines resoundingly

pull my toes back from the ledge
another life has called me back
whatever existed exists no more
because new life has implored

“Bluish Hues” ~ AUDIO voice recording on SoundCloud

~ by Emily Clapper



9 thoughts on “Bluish Hues

    1. I love the dichotomy you’ve put into my head: classic/timeless versus the fact that it was freshly written tonight. Thanks.

      I’ve been on a bluff like this, saw the sunset of my life, quite literally risking it…the southernmost tip of the United States, and it wasn’t Florida or California. I’ll see if you can figure it out… 🙂


      1. Kind of a trick question. It’s South Point or Ka Lae, the southern tip of Hawaii Island, the Big Island. I took a Jeep offroad, lingered along the cliffs. Steep, high and sheer. But standing from a couple feet back, the illusion was the cliff met the water at the horizon…as if you could walk there.


      2. Oh my, that’s a staggering mirage. A soul-searching flip of an imaginary coin atop of nature’s glory. We can walk anywhere in our minds with poetry and art…and take others with us…that is its staggering power. Thank you for sharing.

        Liked by 1 person

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