The Girl Who Burned Too Bright

She was born of fire,
the Earth quaked
on her day of birth

The world changed,
accidental delivery
of femme fatale

Sweet stature
and vivid living
drew others in

To her aural
swaths of color
radiance reflected

Magnetic morality
ethical enchantment
a soul in summer

Through all seasons
shined searing heat
of love and life

To others a gift,
an irresistible if
only, a Mecca

Tempted by her
warmth, her shine
drawn helpless

She tried to temper,
wary of her own light,
her power strong

Afraid to be herself
let go and love hard
truly trust her truth

As hot as she burned,
she feared lighting
love to ashes black

Feared scaring hearts
with love so blinding,
brightness beyond white

Like a mirror of hope,
of want and could be,
of tangible ecstasy

So palpably real
that men would
fly away

She, cursed
by her own light,
silently weeps

in her dark
lonely night


~ by Emily Clapper



10 thoughts on “The Girl Who Burned Too Bright

      1. This actually made me want to jump off the couch and go…somewhere…anywhere… 😉 Alas, I have the poet’s curse today…pondering the next. ❤ But…after that, definitely. Hehe.

        Liked by 1 person

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