Beauty In What Once Was

A place without time, and with all time
long past human lifespans left the earth
no one left but round rock of days yore
its molten middle gradually cooling cold

The sun is in its final death throes, slow
millennia by millennia, edging toward
its ultimate show, consuming totality
all that was here on this pale blue dot…

Gone. All living beings, that is.

But their mark has left their souls behind
in heaps of lost and tossed lives left
for others to clean up, discarded without thought
piles of personal possessions, unpossessed now

Wholly built of memories, dump of dreams dead
this wasteland leaves stories of passion
a treasure trove of human history
forgotten but brilliantly beautiful

A teddy bear with lost eye curled up
next to a bike that rode a thousand miles
a barbecue grill, black with coal where
summers of laughter and food drew smiles

The tattered red couch, a torn edge, stuffing
shooting out where she once kissed her lover
long and hard, on Jack Frost freezing nights
a fire in the hearth, her heart in his hands

A golden trophy, an etched plaque, an almanac
the chessboard where grandpa taught him
a telescope for stargazing the night sky –
the sky that is the only observer of Earth now

Glittering diamond ring, outlasting its finger
a promise of eternity within a life not forever
a prized painting pained over meticulously,
melting in beating solar rays distorting its scene

Entropic forces at work breaking it all down

Memories, lives,

The beauty in what once was.


~ by Emily Clapper



Poem topic: “Find beauty in a waste dump” suggested by Olaf in my post asking for open topic poem suggestions!  This was a tough challenge, but I liked it! Thanks, Olaf!


17 thoughts on “Beauty In What Once Was

    1. Thanks, Rita! Yes…and a future none of us wants to think about. But still, beauty in our human stories, nonetheless!

      Now go read your poem I posted for you! I’ve been waiting all day. 🙏🏼😉💜

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Reblogged this on The nothingness and me and commented:
    This is a really nice poem by Emily, which she made on my wish/request for a topic to write on. Thank you so much Emily for your work and I love it a lot, the beauty in these lost things is well captured. Great work! I am so happy to know you and your works.


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