Time elapses
unbeknownst to me
my mind escapes reality
the thoughts persist
with heavy insistence
that all I see
is nothing to me
but facades in mind’s mist
what I touch doesn’t exist
or maybe it does
but my ability lost
to discern fact
from fiction
a precarious notion
of the line…
the brink of sanity

where what is, isn’t
and what isn’t, is

I know not anymore
I flounder imploring
for something to grasp
the face of you perhaps
your hand, or is it mine
clinging fiercely to touch
something near me
that feels warm
that beats
the ghostly ether
mocks me
from beyond this dimension
taunting me with fiendish
folly, bony fingers point
cackle in my sight
can’t shake them out
of my head from doubt
the only question now

do I succumb or resist

but which way…

is which?


~ by Emily Clapper





Poem topic: “The edge of sanity” as requested by Eric on my post asking for open topic suggestions! Thanks, Eric! Great idea.  🙂  I hope you like it.



9 thoughts on “Brink

  1. It’s amazing, just like you.
    You truly are a great writer, Emily!
    I absolutely love the words in this:

    where what is, isn’t
    and what isn’t, is

    That’s a perfect representation of the emotions behind this. It’s tangible and powerful in its own right.

    Well done! And thank you. 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, thank you Eric. Totally humbled. It was my pleasure! Tough topic to encapsulate in words for sure. Loved the challenge! 🙏🏼✨💜 You are always welcome to reblog if inspired to share.


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