Heart Roar

I hear you
gray matter moaning
creaking with thoughts
from past to torment
my current time
with fevered bents
of what ifs and if onliest
desires and stale dreams
of untimely unions flared out
in firework fashion
the corroded passion
the love that never was
the now that could be
the future that can
only ever be a mystery
one we can never attempt
to solve with cognitive resolve
but only await with bated
breath while breathing a love
in the present with which
our heart can ingest
wholeheartedly hence –
speak to me, heart
tell me what the brain won’t hear
you write the poems
I will listen with breath held near
the mind submits to you
you steer this ship
into the oceanic depths
the waves of momentous
pulsing pleasure
lapping at my coronary shores
soaking me in unmitigated measure
with every drip rendering my head
mute, while the heart takes over

head quiet

heart roar


~ by Emily Clapper


“Heart Roar” ~ AUDIO voice recording on Soundcloud!


10 thoughts on “Heart Roar

    1. Thanks so much. Touched. I’m discovering that this particular style of poem I write is when I let my stream of consciousness go…also I am a musician so I think I must be using the same area of my brain, although analyzing one’s own poetry is tricky, seeing it from within. Love your feedback, keeps me going. ❤

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