Red Harbinger

Fire, that man learned
to create on his own
developing brains
two sticks in the hand
spark it to ignition

Its prime purpose
eradication, destruction
evaporation, desolation
the seed of multiverses
a little oxygen is all it needs

Apocalyptic atrophy
of worlds collapsing
in flames all around,
no sound, for there’s
no one left to hear it all

What is left behind in ash
fertilizes what is to be born again
rich soil on earth, or perfect
conditions in starry nebulas vast
setting up for phoenix rebirth

The end is an illusion

the heat, the light, the fire
an element meant for better
things than we give credit
like the controlled burn

Of the unruly forest fire
and what is black and dead
nourishes the emerging
growth of sprouting underfoot
soon green grows once more,

Saplings shoot forth, animals return
or new stars are birthed, creating
galactic worlds again from what was…

Unlimited cycles of life and death

fire friend, red harbinger of destruction

cultivator of creation

~ by Emily Clapper



Poem topic: “Fire” as requested by Phoenix Risen in my post asking for open topic suggestions! Thanks, Dave! I even got a bit of phoenix in there for you. 🙂 Hope you like it!



15 thoughts on “Red Harbinger

      1. I kind of am…one poem at a time. Hopefully someday I’ll compile them and publish. As for another kind of book, I do fantasize… Thanks for the compliment!

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  1. Awesome Em! Fire, Phoenix, the seed of multiverses! Who could ask for more? I love the idea of all life beginning, ending and reemerging from fire. Love it! Love it! Love it! Thank you. 🙂

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  2. Reblogged this on Phoenix Risen and commented:
    Emily of Poet Girl Em has created this fantastic poem in answer to a challenge I gave her to write about fire. This has all of the things that are close to my heart, fire, destruction, the apocalyptic ending of the universe. It all makes me feel so warm inside!! Thank you Em for this wonderful poem! Please go to Em’s blog and check out all of her amazing work – you won’t be disappointed!


  3. My favorite lines by you:

    new stars are birthed, creating
    galactic worlds again from what was…

    Unlimited cycles of life and death

    The creation of life itself and the omega of the beginning of something greater from the other side of worlds.

    Perfection in this poetic work. 🙂

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