Open Topic, Round 1: Thanks

Thank you to all of you who indulged me in my open topic poem challenge! I wrote 13 poems for 13 people who gave me an idea of their choosing to write about.  It was really fun, and a great challenge for my brain. I do plan to do it again sometime. Of course, if you just want a poem on a topic from me at any random time, I’m always game. Just shoot me an email:

And if you missed all the poetry inspired by my friends here, I have them collected in one category for ease of locating.

Here is the link to all 13 poems: Open Topic poetry by Em

And from top to bottom, here is a list of the awesome people and the topics they requested, which inspired me to create out of the box poetry. They are all uniquely talented poets in their own way, I encourage you to give them a read:

Antony at Perso in Poesia: Subject  “Music” ~ Poem: “Village Vanguard”

Sandra at What Sandra Thinks: Subject: “Fear of the dark” ~ Poem: “Picaboo”

Anthony at Famous After Im Dead: Subject:  “Insomnia” ~ Poem: “Tick Tock”

Dave at Phoenix Risen: Subject: “Fire” ~ Poem: “Red Harbinger”

Matt at This Mortal Flesh: Subject:  “Rising above” ~ Poem: “One Breath At A Time”

C.S. Wilde:  Subject: “Batman” ~ Poem: “Caped Crush”

Eric at My Sword and Shield: Subject:  “Edge of sanity” ~ Poem: “Brink”

Olaf at The Nothingness and Me:  Subject:  “Make beauty out of a waste dump” ~ Poem: “Beauty in What Once Was”

Rita at Rita B. Everyday:  Subject:  “Kiss”~ Poem: “The Kiss That Never Ends”

Brad at Wordsmith Boulevard: “Wrestling” ~ Poem: “Tangled”

Tarandeep at Seeking Life:   Subject:  “Books” ~ Poem: “Ex Libre”

Brad at Wordsmith Boulevard:  Subject: “Arcades” ~ Poem: “Something Wicked This Way Plays”

Taruna at Rhythm and the Dancer :  Subject: “James Bond” ~ Poem: “Double-Oh-Seven”




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