Should (6-word story)

Should I?

Or should I not?


12 thoughts on “Should (6-word story)

  1. I am always for going.
    Better tried and failed than sorry.

    You just brought up a story in me:
    You jump off the cliff and enjoy the fall. The wind will play harp with you long, tangling hair, while you are falling. The pressure on your cheeks increases with every meter you move forward. And the final release will come when you hit the surface.
    Splash the water flies away from your body and you dive in into the cold, dark, deep ocean. You taste the salt on your lips, you feel the sun shining through the few inches of water above you. And you come up again and with a big gulp you suck in fresh air. The moment of victory. You would not have had it, if you had decided for ‘no’.

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