Swoon Song ~ A Duet


Blow me a kiss goodbye, she said…

He took her by the hand instead
planted one tenderly, long
made her flush a swooning song

Swept her off her feet onto the floor
she fell hard in body, and in soul
leaning his nude shadow over her
she felt at once her fate secure

He warmed her with his flesh
embraced her with his hands
wrapped around her neck
a gentle nibble, tooth to lip

With her nails she scribbled
a six-word story into his back
“Take all of me, for you”
her simple plea for ecstasy

His gaze zeroed in on her neck
like a lion stalking for the kill
his deep breath hot with hunger
she shuddered under it with thrill

Taking his tongue, he licks her clean
up from clavicle to jawline lean
the taste of her stimulating his shaft
with a rise of her hips, he plunged in fast

With a moan, a roar, a scream
she’s filled, she’s sore, she beams
he kisses, she bites, he bleeds
she enjoys the dirt of his deeds

Whatever you want
whatever you need
no matter your thoughts
whisper it to me

Pinned down by wrists and hips
he thrusts her deep with pelvic pulse
overcome by nature’s mating call
oblivious to world, to anything at all

She heeds the swoon, the song
of lust, of unrestrained chemicals
set in motion, to relieve the urge
the need to release the ultimate splurge

Into his brain a flood released
she was the prey, he was the beast
she clutched his mane pulling hard
labored breathing, seeing stars

In this moment of sweet release
he raised her legs and began to eat
vibrating flickers, tongue to clit
he licked every bit of her pretty pink slit

With height of heights, she moans delight
shivering hard with raptured bliss in flight
she wiggles under his tongue divine
electricity sparking surges up her spine

One more slide of his heat into swollen core
He pursues the chase, the peak of more
he takes her wetness as his safari guide

he sets free his climax of seed, 

…his song bursts inside.



~ by Emily (Poet Girl Em) & Stark (Standard Issued Life) in italics



A pleasure once more to work with Matt Stark from Standard Issued Life, expanding our brains and voices. His imagination is vivid and his poetry fabulous! Please go check out his page sometime.  🙂




26 thoughts on “Swoon Song ~ A Duet

  1. Reblogged this on A Standard Issued Life and commented:
    This was by far the most fun and exhausting, in a good way, poem that I’ve had the pleasure of helping write. What can I say about Emily from PoetGirlEM that hasn’t already been said… She takes my breath away with every stroke of her wrist, every word sealed with a kiss. She is amazing!!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Oh geez, you haven’t even scratched the surface of the erotica I have here yet…select it from my categories box and have fun!

        And thank you. Honored. 💜

        Liked by 1 person

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