< 3 (6-word story)

Take mine.

I don’t need it.


28 thoughts on “< 3 (6-word story)

      1. German obvious,
        English I am trying,
        Spanish humbly and too little to count
        Russian without speaking
        Hungarian in few words
        A tad Italian too
        But all comes down German most

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      2. πŸ˜› You’re funny. I learn pretty fast if I’m immersed in it…but yes, I don’t speak anything fluently other than English…yet. I think my Swedish would help me pick up German, though.

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      3. Yes that is truly impressive. Have you been in Sweden? I like Scandinavia.
        Wow I am impressed that you learned it at the university. I always found it tough to learn a language without actually having the need to use it.
        I learned Russian in school for 8 years, but really just started to understand it when I had to engage in real life conversations.

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      4. Not been to Sweden yet. I’ve been all over Europe, but not the UK or Scandinavia, nor Austria. But hopefully, someday! Yes, immersion is the best way to learn.

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      5. Hope so too for you. Well European cities are quite different than North American cities, not just because of the lay-out, but also the stories and histories behind. Venice has so much to discover you would need a life time for it and still would not be done…

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      6. Yes, indeed. I was a Political Science and European History major and so I love all of the history of Europe! I could spend my lifetime there exploring.

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