I Named A Star After You


I named a star after you…
that one, right there…
Can you see it tenderly twinkling?

It shines warm like your sapient soul
that one, right there…
Can you feel its fractured past?

It is burning like your open heart,
that one, right there…
Can you feel my pounding heart, too?

I gaze at your star with sheer wonder
that one, right there…
Do you think of me from where you are, too?

It hovers over me with palpable protection,
that one, right there…
Can you sense my powerful vulnerability?

I feel safe knowing you illuminate me,
that one, right there…
Will you always keep your light on?

I will find you on darkest of nights,
that one, right there…
Hold me in your everlasting eminence?

I named a star
after you…

I will name
my heart
after you, too.


~ Emily Clapper




58 thoughts on “I Named A Star After You

      1. Tired poems are the best. I used to write all the time after taking melatonin, lol. I did! And Eric went like happy on our comments. 😀 Love that guy! I saw that bliss did too. I might tomorrow but we probably have all the same crowd…

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      2. Gotcha. Well, You have like 500 more followers than me. Remember…I’m still just a WP baby. 🙂 And yes, love Eric, too. We should all plan to meet in the middle of the US someday for a giant group hug.


      3. ha ha! yes. That would be awesome. I do, but only because they are all True Blood fan fiction readers…which I haven’t written in a while. You might have more poetry followers than me…

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      1. Yes, I opened up the Pandora’s Box when I invited others to pitch 6-word responses on my erotic 6-word story. I had no idea it would ignite that firestorm! But, great for the brain (and the body). And fun. 🙂

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  1. This one, right here… Is in awe of your beautifully sincere heart. Not to mention your genius abilities with words. Love that one, right there.❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nice poem, I hope the star you have chosen is not collapsed yet, that would be too sad, when you give it a name and then its light vanishes – heart broken.
    Your chances are probably good for an eternal flame…

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Feel free to dig around. Nice to meet you, Eva, beautiful name. I’ll peel at your page tomorrow…must sleep now..2:40am in Seattle. 🙏🏼😊


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