Möbius Loop (6-word collab)

Take me in, all of me…
Say please and anything is yours.
Please, I need to feel this.
Be specific…what part of me?
I pull your hair, we kiss
I LOVE having my hair pulled….
What do I get in return…?
Hand on ass, draw you in…
Take me deep, work me slowly…
Bite my lips, sigh my name…
My lips, your neck, “lay down”
Make me, take me, I’m yours
Fingers glide, deep inside, “say it”
Fuck me, I need you now!
Legs apart, I rub against you.
tease me, I want it so…
It stops, on edge, teasing lips
kisses on head suckle tender drips…
Depths call to me, plunge inside
…then full retreat, plunge in again…
Claw my skin, pull me deeper
I squeeze my walls tight around…
The pulse driving me wilder, panting
I release you just before peak…
Move round, biting, kissing, lusting, licking
Slipping away, I bait your chase
Challenge accepted, I grab your ankle
lunging long, I take you down
We roll, kissing, touching, slipping down
Your rigid length smacks my face
Your wetness drips onto my tongue
Suddenly 69, we stop the struggle…
Licking your entrance, I feel quivers
Like Diana’s bow…poised, aimed true
Tense and filled with expectation. Anticipation
Drawing you in, I sweetly suck
Opening, I lick your pink bead
We grind in rhymes, in time…
A beautiful unison, of animalistic desire
Sufficiently hard, I flip you around…
I beg you “fuck me. Now”
Pin you down, I’m in charge
I’m yours, do what you want
Mount you, stir you deep inside
Licking, teasing, I enjoy your breasts
I sling my head back, blissed

We continue for an eternity, pleasuring
Grinding and pulsing, pulling, teasing, biting
Kissing, diving, loving, stroking, playing
Hours fade to seconds, embracing, holding
This lustful adventure, sweating and panting
Covered and filled with salted passion
I kiss you one last time
And in the morning, begin again.

Your lust envelops me, I swoon
with every pant, I lose my cool
until I take you to summit
of passion’s earthly plea, we beg,
you release your seed inside me.

Your last kiss? It’s the first…

This Möbius loop of unending us…

~ Emily Clapper & SixEighty (in italics)



Another creative exchange with the brain of SixEighty on yesterday’s post Wet, an invitation for 6-word story collaboration! And this man says he doesn’t “do” erotica…well, I think I will beg to differ. Thanks, Six! Fun times. Check him out, he writes some great stuff, too. 🙂



34 thoughts on “Möbius Loop (6-word collab)

  1. Oh my God…
    It’s weird seeing this as it’s the first time I’ve been mentioned on/by any one haha!
    Thank you, it was great to do this with you, but yeah usually erotica ain’t my thing but hey… when a guys inspired…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks, Finnegan! Yes, as I said in another comment, I seemed to have opened up the Pandora’s Box here. 😉 And it all started with your addictive six-word stories. 🙂 It’s so amazing how creative people can be! I loved the spontaneous creation. Man, though, I had to take a break today, as I had 4 or 5 of these going simultaneously and my head was bursting!

      Liked by 1 person

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