Sometimes it’s too much
and I want to go away
find a place to myself
and set it all aside

Climb a mountain tall
swim a cold clear lake
leave it all behind
forget all my mistakes

Sometimes I crave dark
silence and serenity
quiet voices from afar
disconnect from humanity

My heart is overflowing
I can’t keep up with it all
I’m drowning in the moments
of life that make me fall

Down to my knees
praying to a god I don’t see
nor believe, but to a universe
of all combined, fused in me

I give more than I have
I take less than I need
I throw myself far
I forget to plant my feet

Itching for escape
to part from what awaits
let go of where I am

so I can be

so I can


~ Emily Clapper



9 thoughts on “Escape

  1. Loved this one Em! Totally connect with the feelings in this one. Sometimes just need to recharge my batteries and think everything you mentioned here. Too good Em, you’re like an empath writing poems, speaking all our minds and feelings 👌☺

    Liked by 1 person

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