Let Me

Let my unshakable love revive you in its wild warmth
float you gently on its lone island raft,
carry you on its strong-as-ox back

Let my pounding passion light you afire
stoke your inner flame to heights higher
lift your desirous eyes to the bluest skies

Let me cradle you with unending compassion
stand firmly under you with military-fort stalwart
be your miles-deep foundation built in diamond rock

Let me open my healing heart to heal yours
infuse you with bountiful bliss beyond belief
resuscitate your gasping spirit, mouth-to-mouth

Let me be there when you cry rivers of tears
your shoulder when you mourn the grief of years
dry your salty eyes with my kisses from lips lush

Let me weather your storms
be your lighthouse in the dark

be your compass north


“Let Me” ~ AUDIO voice recording on SoundCloud


~ by Emily Clapper


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