50 Shades Darker ~ Live from Seattle

Okay, movie fans. A big budget movie is filming in my home of Seattle this week, and next. Now…I for one was not a big fan of 50 Shades of Grey, not because I mind the subject matter so much as it was a poorly done film, book, and inaccurate representation of BDSM.  My two cents.

And a lot of Seattle is rather annoyed by them filming the next in the installment, 50 Shades Darker…even the news here put the tagline on their Facebook post as: “TRAFFIC ON  THE VIADUCT COULD BE AS BAD AS THE MOVIE” …which let me tell you…got some good laughs and extra likes.

The viaduct is a double decker raised highway with what happens to be one of the best views as you drive north past downtown and the waterfront. I see why they chose this road. It is actually slated for demolition after they finish digging the replacement tunnel they are currently boring underneath the highway.  There is much controversy over this, but the truth is the viaduct is a hazard, weak, old, and destined to collapse the next time we have an earthquake of “big one” magnitude.

I will miss it however, the view can’t be beat. And the movie crews know this. And while I could care less about the movies, I do find the filming process fascinating. I just hope they do our city justice.

And oh yeah. Jamie Dornan…pretty hot and a MUCH better actor in the Netflix show The Fall, where he stars alongside Gillian Anderson as the subject of her hunt to catch him, a serial murderer. He does the role well, much better than in 50, and so I will cut him some slack. 🙂

Check out some helicopter footage and news clips here to watch them filming car scenes live on the highway.  Of course, all the cars are stunt/prop cars (I laughed at the token truck carrying rowing sculls…so it could be more Seattle, perhaps?) and they had to close the highway to take it over (which annoyed us locals), and you can’t see the actors, but you can see the action, as it were:




13 thoughts on “50 Shades Darker ~ Live from Seattle

  1. The representation of the lifestyle is so wrong we can see a shift into abuse(force) becoming almost a norm in a sexlife. These days under teens and beginners one has no idea what is going and referred to as BDSM.
    Sigh. If only they never promoted that damn book.

    But a follow up. Did they had to clean that many theatre seats or are people just delusional.
    Seriously. not something we would be waiting for

    Two cents added.

    Huggers from a crow

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    1. Seriously. So true. Hollywood has messed up a whole new batch of emerging sexual beings into believing what 50 portrays is bdsm when it’s a weak woman being taking advantage of psychologically without her consent. And unfortunately, I think they’ll always be some kind of market for this crap. Just don’t hold it against my city for being where they chose to set the movie, please! 😉 Hugs back!

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      1. The city is the city, and I would not hold it against the city that a crap film has been shot there.
        I do however will keep an eye on the new batch of unfortunate morons, sorry wrongly educated people. Not that I hold all knowledge.

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    1. Hi, Meg! Nice to meet you, I’m Em. 😊 I bought the book before I had any clue what it was about and only got a few pages into the first chapter, ugh. And I totally agree! I hope he can rescue his career, because he’s SO much better than this!

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    1. Hehe! Hi, Christian! Yeah…the news can’t stop talking about it. We all love a train wreck, don’t we?! 😉 I wouldn’t mind a sneak peek at Jamie Dornan…but that’s about all that interests me here. 😉


  2. I couldn’t agree more about the quality of the movie. Jamie is a much better actor than the 50 Shades material presented.

    I will credit the books and all the surrounding discussion for making a way for me to admit to my kinky desires, but they sure didn’t send me running to a dungeon or cause me to want to become something I wasn’t.

    They served to get the dialogue started and opened a door of possibilities for seekers like myself. The risk is always there that people will camp on fiction and not research or educate themselves I suppose.

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    1. Very true, Rita! And yes, it did start a conversation, I just wish it wasn’t based on misrepresentation and misinformation. Maybe someday someone will get it right on the big screen. And then we can have a movie night out! 😉

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      1. Well, I’m one who will defend EL on the basis that she wrote and sold an erotic/romantic fiction with a kinky element not a how-to-manual for D/s relationships or dungeon protocol. It resonated with millions for some reason and good for her. I only wish the fiction had been better.

        I’ll also admit that my initial interest in the BDSM community was killed off by the vitriolic way they treated her in print and other media as if she had marketed herself as an expert. She did not.

        So, I keep my kinky lil’ ass at home😊

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