Sleepless in Seattle



Cotton candy clouds
lofty in angels’ home
hover like pink down
left by wings flown

Peach of nature’s ripest
trees, transplanted
to horizon low like
fallen fruit in summer

Waiting for my harvest

If only I could climbs those mountains
to the tallest peak
I’d certainly indulge myself
for your tastiness I’d eat

~ by Emily Clapper


Not hard to be sleepless in Seattle when there’s this sunset just outside my door tonight…

Olympic Mountain range in distance with the Puget Sound waterway in front…all bigger in person…looming large. My camera can’t do it justice.


14 thoughts on “Sleepless in Seattle

  1. Wow nice photo,
    In my area, due to the sheer amount of pollution that happened in the 1800s the sky’s kinda been scarred to look like this every clear night…
    I’ll try and get a picture at some point to show you

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