Spirit Spring

Long hard winter
cryogenically sealed
the heart a blackened red
shut to all that appealed
broken limbs of liminal lust
colorless horizon of hope
leafless bare branches of love
brittle bones of desires on hold
icy veins of tepid torturous time
frosty breath dissipating cold crisp heat
slippery slopes of pleasure painfully resigned
fickle fate’s pestle grinds soul in mortar complete
shut off from verdant vistas of yore
calendar frozen in past longings lost
stories that pause leaving only their lore
making mind rot on what happened long past

Earth turning promise stops winter’s hold
rotating toward light moving time onward
slowly the sun appears in your crystallized soul
warming the frost restarting the beat forward
heart fills with de-curdling crimson red blood
flowing through thawing veins of time anew
branches of love shooting buds forth
bones strengthened with calcium of you
horizon shimmers in rainbows of soul spring
sliding down green hills of rolling passion
gathering flowers for bouquets of healing
moving through past pasts in freeing fashion
calendar creakily churns its rusty gears along
moving you toward me, an embracing Mother Nature
breathing into me clean air, light, the sun’s warmth
a spring for my spirit – a rebirth, the gift of you raptured


~ by Emily Clapper




17 thoughts on “Spirit Spring

      1. I’ll do that now, Em – it makes a poem so much more personal.

        I don’t have the plug in, either. I started a free soundcloud account and upload to that. I then cut and paste the link into my poem and it works quite well. There are a couple of decent apps that let you record from your phone or tablet and upload directly to soundcloud. It’s all quick, easy and works well.

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