Stolen Soul ~ A Duet

Cold moonlight glistens 
in your dark eyes 
passion’s fire, hidden 
deep within you
The far cry of wolves
sends skin crawling
frosty grass glitters
underfoot like snow
The dark path beckons 
feeding on your fear 
yet drawing you in 
like a moth to a flame
Amongst dense trees
your cleaved soul awaits
captured by laughing demons
bound by razored thorns
Hell’s fire awaits you
your soul to devour
pain becomes your lover
your most trusted friend
Lighting hot torch, you proceed
into territory grim, for to rescue
the bits of you stolen with greed,
burning brush, path ahead clears
Dark forms approaching, eyes burning
features twisted, hideous mocking smiles
a withering flower, you are before them
cold blood congeals in your veins

Looking deeper what visage do you see
there amongst the demons, but your very soul
as one of them now, too late, lost to temptation

your contorted grin smiles back

an evil hello

~ Phoenix Risen (in italics) & Emily Clapper

First time collaborating with the master of dark, Dave of Phoenix Risen! The man does dark well, and it was a treat to work with him. Check out his page, you won’t be disappointed! And when he does “light”, he also does it very well! Thanks, Dave!


16 thoughts on “Stolen Soul ~ A Duet

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