And the Rain…

And the rain patters…

I awake moist
dreams of water
of my self-pleasure
of a familiar face

And the rain drips

So close I came
to coming

And the rain sings

The leaves speak
in tender notes
my clitoral encore
awaiting peak

And the rain hears

everything and nothing
for it does not know

And the rain cleanses

My healing begins
the soaring roar
the swollen soar
the wet deluge

of dreams awakening

to morning rain’s


~ by Emily Clapper



41 thoughts on “And the Rain…

      1. Hehe, nice. Yup. Hot. You know when you have erotic dream…you wake up and have to finish? Yeah…that. The rain outside just added an element…but it was all real.

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      2. Speechless, ey? Good stuff. You’d laugh if I told you what I was “using” in my dream, though…certainly a “toy” I’ve never thought of in my conscious mind. But, hey, it worked.

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      3. LOL! Now I know that is supposed to be erotic. And forgive me, if between the two of us, I’m the only one laughing, but the visual. A nice neighborhood, your on the front lawn going to war with yourself, and a old couple drives by. I’m folded right now. Lol.

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      4. Haha. Yes, in the dream I was conscious I could be seen and moved myself a couple times to what I thought would be ‘out of view’, but in reality no. I was just so needing it…in the end I didn’t really care. πŸ˜‰

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      5. Lol! And you moved a couple of times and finally said, “fuck it.” I’m so sorry, Em. I do have a problem and always have had it, where I instantly find the humor in things and your explanation touched that muscle.

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      6. Handle yo business Em-stylez! :). If you get in a situation again where u wanna laugh in private go to my contact me page and shoot me your email address. I’ll bounce you back with mine.

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