Sand Mandala

Life is a sand mandala
an all-encompassing circle
of colors and loves
of losses and dreams
of everything and nothing
and all in between

It is created one speck of sand
at a time, sorted, packed, spread fine
or piled high in spectra wide
we carefully design each curl
each swirl, all shapes, sizes
the winding paths we walk with care
we study the road, choose to dare
we plan our map, or close our eyes
and point, seeking our dharma
the purpose of us, of life, of love

What is the point of desire?
or of love, of laughter, of tears
I say, what is the point of breathing, then?
or eating, painting, writing
what is the point of singing, dancing
to music divine, or seeing the pyramids
with your own eyes?

All of it, of us, will go away
for everything is temporary
the sand mandala knows this well
the Buddhist monks can tell
us all, the beauty is in the creation
the beauty is in the living of life
the beauty is in the experience
the beauty is in the now
the beauty is in what’s right
in front of your eyes

Days they spend in meticulous mastery
knowing it will end in sand’s catastrophe
and so the beauty is also in the destruction
the end point, the letting go
the release of it all, back to nothing
from where it came, it bleeds to white
the colors blend, the stories fade
the moment came, the moment gone

for all we have is sand in our palms


“Sand Mandala” ~ AUDIO voice recording on SoundCloud

~ by Emily Clapper






22 thoughts on “Sand Mandala

  1. You are catching beautifully the power of mandalas. The worlds fragility and the circle of life. Everything finds an end as a sand mandala. How brilliant translated in words!

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  2. Astonishing how intricate and beautiful sand mandalas are. And that a sneeze could mess up hours of work. Your comparison of life to a sand mandala is spot-on. There’s so much beauty to behold, and it is temporary. A valuable lesson to enjoy it while it lasts.

    Liked by 1 person

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