Crescent Moon’s Kiss ~ A Duet


She meanders melancholy
through pitch black fog
whilst misty air inhales,
pain dry sighs exhale,
path of overgrown verdant death.

Winding through, her spirit
precariously seeking cemetery,
his stone tossed, upturned…
where to meet him soon
under midnight crescent moon.

Hewn angels weep in silent stone,
their burdened watch kept eternal
o’er restless souls departed,
casting forgetful dreams
in ancient spell.

Shade of pale moon,
his woeful spirit it beckons. 
Stygian phantom forever seeking,
under sagacious light,
love’s releasing kiss.

The promise made lifetimes ago
she kept near to her granite heart
that stopped beating when he left,
just rolling in her throat
choking on its petrification.

Waiting patiently, anxiously
seeking his shape in form
for under the midnight moon
their kiss will set them both free
to rest perpetually in eternity.

The graves searching vapor,
her porcelain skin envelops.
His dark soul rejoices,
she comes seeking him this night.

Moonlight’s shine does now
give his searching specter form.
To caress, to embrace, to give
upon crimson lips love’s eternal kiss.

~ Emily Clapper & Anthony (Famous After Im Dead) in italics



Oh, I’m SO happy to work with Anthony on a collaboration finally. Not only is he an awesome friend, but he’s a kickass poet. He always teaches me something new with his words, tugs at my heart, makes me smile…I’m terribly lucky to know him. Check out his page for some soul-wrenching art. Thanks, X, I’m happy with our first little “monster.” 🙂



27 thoughts on “Crescent Moon’s Kiss ~ A Duet

  1. Awww, schucks…You carried me the whole way! I am glad you were my first. You made it painless and very enjoyable! 😉❤ You are amazing. Thank you again, my friend.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Holy! Snaps! You 2 did a phenomenal collaboration that I’ve ever read and blow my breath away. 🙂

    You have a voice of that this generation needs to hear and listen. The way you capture emotion and can interpret dark & love tones is tremendously superb! 🙂

    Great Job you two…I fucken love this my favorite poem of Monday. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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