NYC on my mind…

My little altar to NYC. Missing it. Time for some more Big Apple inspired poetry, methinks…stay tuned.

The votive (made by a Seattle company Rosanna Inc, ironically) reads: “No day shall erase you from the memory of time. ~ Virgil” In honor of the victims of 9/11. My small token from the 9/11 Memorial Museum to pay my respects. A t-shirt didn’t seem appropriate.

The other candle is from my hostel/hotel (The Bowery House), the Red Flower brand is what they used for bath products and this smell is the same…brings me back.

And of course, mini-Liberty, a reminder that freedom is a fight, a human necessity, and that all of us are here because someone chose to leave their lives behind and start fresh. I’d say that is the ultimate kind of bravery.

The snowglobe, because NYC was a shit ton of fun and I lived it to the max. It was the penultimate glittery life experience. I’m all about glitter. 🙂


14 thoughts on “NYC on my mind…

  1. I’m gonna take my wife to a place called greater Malvern soon and grab some pics of the place whilst I’m there.
    It’s so quaint and… well I suppose everything most people think the entirety of England is haha

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      1. True. Maybe I’ll get to, but for now I think I gotta gather up dudleys old secrets… there’s a train tunnel that hasn’t been used since 1800 that is still open, if you know how to get there haha

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