Taxi, Taxi!

Taxi rainbows line the city streets
swarm the intersections
with honking beat

Waiting for their passengers’ waves
a flick of the wrist, a step off the curb
sometimes, a whistle

Masters of the NYC map, the grid
the brave captains of city’s grit
make their living navigating it

A magnanimous task most love to avoid
for subways ease transfer in voids
below taxi’s claimed roads

They honk for no reason, peppering air
with a symphony of anxiety
trying to get somewhere

But even that, I think, is charming
the yellows bees swarming
impatience with everything

Your impetuous haste
always, every day
for the city

…never sleeps…

I stand back and watch
…and watch my watch

for subway awaits

~ Emily Clapper


Photo: by Emily Clapper, 4.9.16, NYC.

**Photography note: A split second after I took this picture, the light turned green and the taxis parted in opposite directions…I was lucky to get the shot, almost like they paused just for me. And the departure was a beautiful thing, due to their colors…like they were a swarm of colorful ladybugs.


3 thoughts on “Taxi, Taxi!

  1. Wow love photos like this, it’s what I hope to get when I take pictures, a pinch of life as it rolls by…
    Taxi drivers over don’t stop if you flag them down they only come if you call them haha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s funny! Yeah, they grew on me over in NYC. They’re just so much a part of what makes NY, well…NY. And thank you…it was a fortunate positioning and timing for the shot. 🙏🏼😊

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  2. Lovely poem on taxis ! Never thought about them like you have written, such a wonderful way of looking at it. Also a great picture to accompany it ! Em, you’re a breath of fresh air for the exhausted mind 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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