I Let You In


I let you in

I held you close

took my warm love

and heavy dosed

your spiking heat dissolved

my ironclad nature’s hard core

with steady building pressure

you gave me more and more

when two was one

and all remained

a force of love

the merged hearts stained

by old fears and languished wounds

none could imagine to dare a touch

until now with gentle sounds

the pulsing beat as such

that blood rushed to heal

the fasciae scars of past lives past

and start to now wholeheartedly feel

a loving someone at long last

~ by Emily Clapper




26 thoughts on “I Let You In

  1. I read this very slowly and purposefully. I felt tangible evocations of passion, hope, joy, pain and even despair. It is a beautifully controlled yet emotional trip on connection, loss and rebirth. At least, that’s what I felt. Thank you for sharing your precious gift.

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      1. Well, thank you, I think I have no choice…my poem “Bones” that I wrote today was a nap interrupting one, had closed my eyes hoping for 30 minutes when it woke me up 5 minutes in…these guys want out at all costs. 😉


      2. Yes they do. It’s a beautiful and incessant curse. I have tried to resist, hopelessly, valiantly…no, feebly. When you realise you are a channel through which feeling and meaning emerge from the chaos of mind, there is no stopping it.

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    1. I wondered if you noticed the literal physical shape of the poem…the pulsing wave of words…undulating lengths of sentences…

      It was happening organically when I noticed it. I wonder if my music brain influences my poetry brain sometimes…

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      1. That’s fascinating. I didn’t notice because I read it on a mobile phone, but I see it now. I love the idea of musical poetry. My own is fundamentally influenced by music, no question, and assonance and rhythm are often clear components of what I feel ‘works’ on the page. I think you would find the poetry of Stephan Mallarmé intriguing. He was fixated at times on the poetic-musical synergy and it shows.

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  2. Incidentally, I think you are effectively collaborating with me without knowing it…! I can feel the inspiration and drive flowing from me as a result of the connection and reading your poetry. 🙂

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