I am fearless…

…that’s not true.
I fear, I am afraid
but I embrace fear
I own it
I tell it who’s boss
a staring contest
of epic proportions
I don’t always win…
But…usually, I do.
fear waddles away
its thorny tail
between its legs
whimpering like
an injured dog
but without
the cute factor
fear falls hard
like an anvil
Looney Toons-style
except not on me
I headlock
the sonofabitch
twist its nipples
knee it where it counts
pin it Jiu Jistu-like
I find myself
faced with decisions
fear on my shoulder
mocking my weakness
And then…
its smile turns to disbelief
when I flick it
off my shoulder
into a muddy puddle
where the bugger drowns

And usually…

I’ll go looking for it again
knock on its door
asking for more
because while I may
seek fear more…

when I face it…

I fear less

~ Emily Clapper



17 thoughts on “Fear-less

    1. Thanks! I’ve kicked a lot of fears’ asses. 😉 Want to know something funny? I know a Rabindranath. He’s the son of the author of the books Good Dog Carl. I’ve met the actual Carl himself, and the author, as I’m friends with R’s wife. My life is kinda unreal. 😉

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  1. Hey, so when I tried to open this via my email, it said page not faound and yet here you are in my reader! Just weirdness? Anyway, fear can be hugely dibiltating but when you kick its ass the first time, it loses a lot of its power. Love it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh! That’s probably because I republished it this morning and it assigns the new date to the web link, so when you clicked on the old one it wasn’t there. Glad you could see it though! And yes, I totally agree!! Thank you! 🙂

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